Subex Limited Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

It is an Indian enterprise software company based in Bangalore. This company provides digital trust products to communication service providers. It is employed in services such as privacy, security, risk mitigation, and predictability.

Subex Share Price Target 2023

At present, there is no debt in the company, which is a little debt, the company is trying to reduce it. By the way, it is a penny stock, but this company has a partnership with Reliance Industries, the company of India’s well-known industrialist, so it has come out with very big news. Subex share price target 2023 is 45. If we look at the second target, it could be up to 50.

Subex Share Price Target 2024

Reliance was at the forefront of the recent 5G auction, so in the future, when the 5G network will be available, the workforce will also increase, then Reliance Company has tied up with Subex to reduce it and to redeem customers. The company will likely grow in the next few days. Subex share price target 2024 is 68. If we look at the second target, it could be up to 72.

Subex Share Price Target 2025

This company will optimize the network to ensure that it is always high quality. Today’s time is of Artificial Intelligence, so there is a lot of need for predictive analysis here, so this company does its work, so you can call it a good company according to futuristics. Subex share price target 2025 is 110. If you talk about the second target it can be up to 114.

Subex Share Price Target 2030

This stock is running so much from most reliance jio news right now, you have to see its quarterly results before investing in it. If the net profit looks good, then you can go ahead and invest in it. If the company sees good growth, then you can invest in it even after a short time. Subex share price target 2030, The first target is 456. If we look at the second target, it could be about 460.

Should we buy Subex Limited shares? 

If we talk about Subex stock analysis, then according to me, no matter how much return the company gives in the short term, but this is a penny share. Suppose the news of partnership from Jio Platform has seen a lot of momentum, but if the quarterly results are good, then you should invest money in it. If you want to profit, you may also invest in good stocks. If you talk about subex share holding pattern, then you will know that promoters have almost no holdings, so such stocks are considered risky, so stay away from them.

Subex Share Risk Factors Analysis

  • Stock prices are expensive compared to book values.
  • Pramotors holdings are almost zero.
  • If the telecom sector has a direct impact on Subex.
  • Its entire performance depends on the telecom sector.
  • Forex fluctuations also have a direct effect on this.
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