South Indian Bank Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

Hello friends, today we will talk about South Indian Bank Share Price Target 2023 2024 2025 2030. Friends this stock is related to the banking sector and the banking sector is constantly booming if you also invest in banking stock then read this article completely because we will tell you where south Indian bank share price can go in the future.

About South Indian Bank Ltd Business

In terms of corporate banking, South Indian Bank provides credit cards, debit cards, and loans. The company offers personal loans, business loans, and loans for agricultural purposes. South India accounts for 55% of the company’s business activity. South Indian Bank branches are located in semi-urban areas. The bank has an impressive customer base of 67 million.

The company’s financial situation is dire. There is no promoter holding and sales have stagnated for several years.  The Band Bank established by the Indian government, the bank generated a net profit of 500 crores. South Indian Bank’s Chairman is Mr. Salim Gangadharan, and its Managing Director is Murali Ramakrishnan.

South Indian Bank Share Price Target 2023

All stocks in the banking sector have experienced a good year due to the rise in interest rates in all countries. Lending money to its clients is South Indian Bank’s primary duty. Over the last five years, the bank’s sales have remained constant. However, thanks to the band bank, NPA is improving quarter-on-quarter and other income, the company has good net profits. This is why South Indian Bank’s stock rose by 100% last year.

South Indian Bank Share Price Target 2024

The stock price may increase well if management can generate a healthy net profit. The price range for South Indian Bank’s stock in 2023 is between Rs. 24 and Rs. 27. In the short-term, however, profit recovery can be seen at the higher levels of the stock.

South Indian Bank Share Price Target 2025

Currently, there are 1450 ATMs and 877 branches run by South Indian Bank. The majority of branches are located in semi-urban areas. There are 67 lakh customers who bank. South Indian Bank’s management team is strong and has extensive experience. Over the previous 10 years, 35% of bank workers have remained with the bank.

The bank is in a lot debt and must pay 4000 crore rupees per year for internet. This amount is not included in its net profit margin. However, the bank’s business model assumes that it must give loans for five to twenty years to grow its business. This means that the bank will have to take on a lot of debt.

The bank’s debt is stable and it invests Rs 20,000 crore each year. However, the bank has not seen significant sales growth.

If the company management can grow its sales in the future, the South Indian Bank share price target could be increased from Rs 37 to 42 in 2025.

South Indian Bank Share Price Target 2030

The long-term target price for South Indian Bank stock is zero. This makes the company appear weak. The company has zero promoter holdings and the bank is in a lot debt. This implies that the bank is paying interest with a lot more of its money.

However, the company’s growing profits and steady improvement in NPAs means that if the bank management can reduce its debt and increase sales, then there could be a significant jump in the South Indian Bank Future Stock Price target.

South Indian Bank’s business is spread across 55% of South India at the moment. The bank’s management will continue to focus on expanding its business throughout the country.

Does Are South Indian Bank share a good investment for the long term?

South Indian Bank boasts a strong base with 877 branches and 67 million customers in the country. The bank also has a skilled technical staff that is effectively managing its business, even though it is owned by zero promoters.

The bank’s management is offering loans with great care at the moment and trying to eliminate its bad debt through the bank band. You can purchase stock in South Indian Bank stock with a stop loss limit of Rs 10.20 if you plan to invest for a long period. The bank’s current P/E ratio stands at 6.90, while Stoke is below its book value of Rs 28.0.


What is the bank’s market capital?

The bank is currently valued at Rs 3850 crore on the market.

What are ROCE and roe of a bank?

ROE of the bank is 0.78%, ROCE is 4.47.

What is the face and book value of South Indian Bank shares?

The bank’s stock has a face value of one rupee, and its book value is Rs 28.0.

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