Sah Polymers Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

Hello friends, Today we will talk about Sah Polymers Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030. We will try to predict in this article what the share price target of Sah Polymers Industries may be in the future. If you want to invest your money in Sah Polymers Company, then read our article till the end.

Sah Polymers Ltd Overview

Shah Polymer Limited Company was established in 1992. The company manufactures plastic sacks, cutters, and small bags. The company’s products are used in cement, fertilizer, medicine, chemical, clothing, food products, tiles and steel industries.

The company’s business is spread all over 14 countries abroad along with seven states in India. If we take a look at the financial condition of the company, then the company currently sees a debt of Rs 33 crore, but the company’s total IPO is a fresh issue and the company will spend Rs 19 crore out of the Rs 66 crore raised by its IPO to repay the debt of the company.

After this, the company would owe Rs 14 crore, although it also has a Rs 9 crore cash reserve.

For some time now, the company’s sales and net profit have been seeing a good jump. In the last three years, the company’s sales have increased from Rs 45 crore to Rs 75 crore and the company’s net profit has jumped from Rs 0.75 crore to above Rs 4 crore.

Sah Polymers Share Price Target 2023

Shah Polymer Limited’s stock listing has been done around Rs 88, up 30% from its IPO price of Rs 65. If we talk about the company’s short-term price target, the company’s stock is listed at an expensive valuation, the book value of the company’s stock is Rs 15.5 and the company’s stock is running around 32.5, much above its industries P/E ratio.

If we talk about Sah Polymers Ltd’s share price target 2023, then the market cap of the company is very low, so operators can also be seen operating the company’s stock. And in the short term, there can be a lot of volatility in the company’s stock. If you are planning to make a new purchase in the company’s stock, then you can wait for the company’s stock to decline. The company’s stock can see profit recovery from the upper levels.

Sah Polymers Share Price Target 2025

The company’s business has seen good growth for some time. The company has purchased 16000 square meters of land in Udaipur to increase its business. The company is going to invest most of the money raised through its IPO to increase its business.

After the completion of this project, the production capacity of the company will increase by 4000 MTPA in all products, which is a good news for the company. Due to the increasing manufacturing capacity of the company, the company’s stock can also see a good boom. Sah Polymers Ltd’s share price target for 2025 can be seen from Rs 140 to Rs 170 amidst market fluctuations.

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Sah Polymers Share Price Target 2030

If we discuss the company’s long-term profit target, then the company will experience excellent growth prospects. The company’s business is currently spread in only seven states of India. If the company management is able to stabilize its business well throughout the country, then the company can expect good performance in the future.

The company operates as an AAP Rated Polymer Warehouse (DOPW) for the Polymer Division of Indian Oil Corporation Limited. If the company management manages to add some new customers in the coming time, then the company’s business can see good growth.

Is it good to buy Shah Polymer shares?

At present, the company’s stock is trading at an expensive price, and the market cap of the company is low, so the operators can also be seen operating the company’s stock. But the company’s business can also perform well in the future. Therefore, you can consider investing for a long time only after the decline in the stock of the company.

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