Mishtann Foods Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

Hello friends, Today we will talk about Mishtann Foods Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030. We will try to predict in this article what the share price target of Mishtann Foods Industries may be in the future. If you also want to know the technical and fundamental analysis of Mishtann Foods share then definitely read this article till the end.

About Mishtann Foods Company

The company was founded in 1981. This company’s name was previously HICS Cement Pvt Limited Company. This company used to sell and manufacture cement. Some promoters left the company after a disagreement with the promoter.

In 2015, the company’s business model and name were also changed. Confectionery Food Company operates in the FMGC industry. The company produces, processes, and trades wheat, rice, and other food products.

The company’s financial situation shows that sales have grown 14% over the past five years. The company’s sales have increased by Rs 255 crore to R 495 crore in this period.

The company’s net profit also saw a significant increase during this period. In the past five years, the company’s net profit has risen from Rs 1 crore up to Rs 12 crore.

The company has a current debt of Rs 40 million. This is a small company, so the debt is not excessive. The company has around Rs 50 crore in cash on hand.

Mishtann Foods Share Price Target 2023

Confectionery Foods Company appears to be growing in a very positive way. It is performing well every quarter. Over the previous year, the stock of the corporation gave investors a return of about 200%.

When we look at The Conistan Foods Share price Target 2023, the company’s ROE and ROCE are 36.2%, 38.4% respectively. Stock market experts believe that Mishtan Foods’ share price target can range from Rs 12.50 up to Rs 14.20 in 2023 due to its ever-increasing net profit and sales growth.

Mishtann Foods Shared Price Target 2024 

The Conistan Food Company Share price Target 2024 will show that the stock of the company is likely to move towards its future high prices. The share price range for Mishtann Foods is between Rs. 17 and Rs.19. This will be in 2024. This price will allow for good stock purchases.

Mishtann Foods Shared Price Target 2025

The Confectionery Food Company produces and trades wheat, rice and other food products. This business appears to be more committed to basmati rice. The company also offers half-a-kilogram and one-kilogram packages of its salt brand.

In the future, the company’s management will be adding more products to its product portfolio. The company’s sales will experience a significant increase.

When we look at The Conistan Food Company Share price Target 2025, it is clear that the management of the company will be reducing its debt due to the good profits. This will enable the business to reduce interest payments and boost net profit.

Mishtann Foods’ share price target for 2025 can be viewed from Rs 22 to Rs 24.50 (on the upside) and Rs 15 (on the downside) amid market fluctuations.

Mishtann Foods Share price Target 2030 

Confectionery Foods Company is a small-cap company at the moment. However, the company sees many opportunities to grow in FMGC. The company will face stiff competition from Hindustan Foods and KRBL in the future. The company’s stock can also benefit from a well-managed business.

The Conistan Food Company Share price Target 2030 is a small-cap company. This means that the stock of an emerging small-cap company can yield higher returns than stocks of large-cap companies.

Many times, stocks of companies that have such strong fundamentals can be seen as delivering huge returns to investors. The target share price for Mishtann Foods can be seen as Rs 40 to Rs 45 by 2030.

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Is this the right time to buy stock in the company?

The company’s stock price is presently substantially lower than its peak of Rs 19. However, the stock’s book value is Rs 1.10. The stock is therefore still trading at a high price. The company is still a great company, and its business is expected to grow in the future.

The company’s current market cap is around One Thousand Crore Rupees, and its stock price is far below that high. This stock can be purchased in large quantities by investing small amounts.

Most brokerage houses recommend that you buy the stock of this company for a long period of time due to the company’s growth. This stock could be a multibagger penny stock due to the potential growth of the company’s future business.

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