Alstone Textiles Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

Today, we will decide whether to buy Alstone Testiles shares. What stock price growth will alstone Testiles experience in 2023, 2024 and 2025, 2030? This article will tell you everything about Alstone Testiles share prices target for 2023.

This company was founded in 1985. Its headquarters are located in Delhi. This company does the business of wholesale textile dealing. They do the business of supplying and trading. Shalini Holding Ltd was renamed Alstone Textiles Limited.

Alstone Testiles Share Price target 2023

Even though its numbers look great, it is still a penny-share stock, which can be considered a risky stock. These stocks are worth investing in if you’re willing to take some risks. Stock news is not available, but you can still invest after some corrections.

Alstone Testiles’ share price target for 2023 is 350. If we look at the second target, it could go up to 370.

Alstone Testiles Share Price Target 2024

It’s a small company that has a market capital of approximately 250 crores. The alstone textiles share prices are volatile. It is worth taking as many risks as possible if you decide to invest.

Alstone Testiles’ share price target for 2024 is 420. If we look at the second target, it could be as high as 430.

Alstone Testiles Shares Price Target 2025

The company’s management must make good decisions and take good actions in the future to ensure that it can grow. Alstone Textiles’ shares are erratic and have recently increased considerably. Investment in them in the coming days is thus extremely risky.

Alstone Testiles’ share price target for 2025 is 725. If we look at the second target, it could be up to 735.

Alstone Testiles Shares Price Target 2030

The company has more over Rs 120 crore in cash on hand and is loans. The company’s cash on hand has increased. The company’s promoter holdings percent is very low. The company does no offer dividends.

When you think about 2030 The Alstone Testiles Share price Target, the first targets are 1230 and 1245.

Do we buy shares of Alston Textiles? 

The percentage of promoters in the company is very low. These shares are volatile, even though there is no debt on it. However, this stock has been a runaway for some time so it can fall at any speed. It may also come down at the exact same pace. If it goes up, I would avoid such risky investment.

Alstone Testiles Share Risk Factors Analysis

  • Company ROE is running in negative.
  • Alstone Textiles share prices are a bit expensive if we compare to book value value.
  • It is under the penny stock category.
  • The promoter holdings of Alstone Textiles Company are also quite low.


In which segment does Elstone Textiles Company operate?

Textiles and Investments

In which year was The Elstone Textiles Company formed?

It was formed in 1985.

Where is the headquarters of Elstone Textiles located?

In Delhi

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