SEBA HSLC English Question Paper 2020 - Assam Board 10th HSLC Question 2020

SEBA HSLC English Question Paper 2020 - Assam Board 10th HSLC Question Paper 2020 | HSLC English Grammar Solved Question

Q. Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with the right determiner
(a) They won the match without...difficulty. 
(b) Reading is... useful hobby. 
(c) I gave him... books I had. 
(d) Kalidas is....Shakespeare of India. 

Ans: (a) They won the match without much difficulty. 
(b) Reading is a useful hobby. 
(c) I gave him the few books I had. 
(d) Kalidas is the Shakespeare of India.

Q. Fill an the gaps with the correct prepositions from among the choices given in the brackets
(a) They are satisfied .. your works. (by/at/with
(b) Man does not live .. bread alone. (on/by/with) 
(c) Rita excels ... dancing. (at/by/in
(d) He is looking ... a domestic help. (to/in/for)

Q. Rewrite the following sentences putting the verbs in the brackets m their correct tense form:
 (a) I (go) there before she went.(had gone)
(b) Ten years (pass) since I met you last. (has passed)
(c) When she came I (write) a letter.(was writing)

Q. Change the narrations of the following:
(a) Rashid asked me I knew Rahim
Ans: Rashid said to me," Do you know Rahim?"
(b) Mother said to me, 'What will you do after the examination?'
Ans: Mother asked me what I would do after the examination

Q. Change the voice of the following:
(a) I do not know his brother. 
Ans: His brother is known to me.
(b) English is spoken by many people all over the world. 
Ans: Many people speak English all over the world.

Q. Combine each of the following pairs of sentences into a single sentence
(a) Where has he gone ? Do you know it? 
Ans: Do you know where he has gone.
(b) I finished the work. I was taking rest.
Ans: As I finished the work, I was taking rest.

Q. Choose the correct alternative from the choices given in the brackets and write out the sentences
(a) The tiger a beast of (pray/prey).
(b) This medicine will (relief/relieve) you of your pain. 

Q. Make sentences to illustrate the meaning of any two of the following:
make out, give away, deal in, carry out 

Q. Correct any three of the following sentences:
(a) Her son-in-laws are rich men.
Ans: Her sons-in-laws are rich men.
(b) It is raining since morning.
Ans: It has been raining since morning.
(c) How you know him ? 
Ans: How do you know him ?
(d) I and he are brothers. 
Ans: He and I are brothers.
(e) He is senior than me in age.
Ans: He is senior to me.
(f) I do not know to do it. 
Ans:I do not know how to do it.