HSLC SEBA English Grammar - Reading Comprehension/ Reading Passages for Class 10 Assam Board Exam

HSLC SEBA English Grammar - Reading Comprehension/ Reading Passages
Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that given below :

1. A good book always teaches us something, in fact many thing. directly or indirectly, if the mind is willing to learn. Books are the best company; they also give us the best society. They help us in establishing contact with many great men. We hear what such men said and did; through books we even see them as if they were really alive. As we read, we share great thoughts with great minds; we hope and grieve with great men.The scenes in which they appeared are described for us and as we turn the pages we come to know what nobleness is. Books work as agents and help us in being better than we are. Books should therefore be treated as friends and guides.
Questions :
(i) When can books teach us?
(ii) How can books help us?
(iii) How can one share the great thoughts?
(iv) Why should books be treated as friends and guides?

Ans. (i) Books can teach us when the mind is willing to learn.
(ii) Books are our best companions. They can give us best society. They can establish contact between the past great men and the readers. Books can help us in making our life nobler and higher.
(ii) By reading books written by the past scholars, we can share their great thoughts.
(iv) Books work as agents and help us in being better than we are. They inspire and ennoble our ideas and thoughts. They provide us best company. So, they are our friends and guides.

2. After she had enough money saved, her next problem was hov4 to slip out of the house without her mother's knowledge. But she managed this without too much difficulty. Everyday after lunch her mother would nap from about one to four as so Valli always used these hours for her excursions as she stood looking from the doorway of her house or sometimes even ventured out into the village; today these same hours could be used for her first excursion outside the village. 
Questions :
(i) What was her problem?
(ii) How did Valli take advantage of visiting her village?
(iii) How would she go for her first excursion outside the village?

Ans. (i) Valli's problem was how to slip out of the house without her mother's knowledge
(ii) Valli took advantage of visiting her village when her mother after lunch would nap from one to lour or so,
(iii) She Would use the same hour of her mother's napping after lunch and go for her first excursion outside the village.

3. A library is a place where we can borrow books. It usually contains books of all kinds school books, story books, dictionaries ant others. There are long rows of shelves on which the books are kept.
In some libraries we can go round and choose a book. In some other libraries, we have to go to the person who is in charge of the library. Then we tell him what book want; we write the number of the books its title and the name of the author on a piece of paper. Then he gives us the book. We can usually keep it for a week or perhaps two before we take it back to the library.
(i) What is a library?
(ii) What type of books do you usually get at a library?
(iii)Where are the books kept in a library?
(iv) How can we borrow a hook from the library?
(v) Pick out a word which means "one who writes a book"?

4.Vidyasagar had a great regard for his mother. Once he got a letter from her asking him to come home at once. His mothers words were law to him and Vidyasagar lost no time in starting for home to meet his mother. He took a train and got down at the station which was twenty miles away from his village. From there he started on foot to reach home. The river Damodar which was full at that time. lay across his path. There was no ferry-boat to take him. But Vidyasagar was not the man to turn back. He know that his mother was expecting his coming. So, he Jumped in to the river and bravely swam across. Late at night he reached home in wet Clothes and bowed down to his mother. 
(i) Why did Vidyasagar start for home on receipt of his mother's letter? 
(ii) How did he start?
(iii) What was the condition of the Damodar, when he reached the shore? 
(iv) How did he cross the river? 
(v) When did Vidyasagar reach home? 

5.There was a girl named Valliammai who was called valli for short. She was eight years old and curious about things. Her favourite pastime was standing in the front door way of her house watching what was happening in the street out side. There were no playmates of her own age on her street. and this was about all she had to do. But for valli standing at the front door was every hit as enjoyable as the elaborate games other children played. Watching the street gave her many new unusual experiences. 
(i) What was valliammai called for short?
(ii) What was the favourite pastime of the girl? 
(iii) What gave the girl many unusual experiences?
(iv) Choose the meaning of the word "pastime" from the choices given below-
            (a) Amusement   (b) Past time    (c) Song.