Child Development & Pedagogy MCQs for CTET and TET Exam

Child Development & Pedagogy for CTET

Child Development & Pedagogy Most Important multiple choice questions (MCQ) for CTET and TET Exam

1.Socialisation includes cultural transmission and
(1) discourages rebellion.
(2) improvement of individual identity
(3) fits children into names.
(4) provides passionate help.

2. A teacher shows two identical test tubes filled with an equal amount of water in them in the class. He empties them in two different test tubes one of which is taller and the other one is wider, He asks his class to identify which test tube would have more water in it. Students reply that the taller test tube has more water,his students have difficulty in dealing with
(1) Accommodation
(2) Egocentrism
(3) Decentring
(4) Reversibility

3.Karnaili Singh does not pay income tax despite legal procedures and expenses.She imagines that she cannot support a bolster degenerate government that spends many rupees in structure pointless dams. She is probably in which state of Kohlberg's stages of moral development
(1) Conventional
(2) Post Conventional
(3) Pre Conventional
(4) Para Conventional

4.Intelligence theory incorporates the mental processes involved in intelligence (i.e.meta components) and the varied forms that intelligence can take (i.e. creative intelligence)
(1) Spearman's 'g' factor
(2) Sternberg's triarchic theory of intelligence
(3) Savant theory of intelligence
(4) Thurstone's primary mental

5.Which of the following will be most appropriate to maximise learning?
(1) A Teacher should distinguish her intellectual style just as of her understudies' psychological style
(2) Individual distinction in understudies ought to be smoothed by matching comparative understudies.
(3) A Teacher should concentrate on just a single learning style to bring ideal outcome.
(4) Students of comparable social foundation ought to be kept in a similar class to maintain a strategic distance from distinction supposition.

6.The majority of the accompanying advance evaluation as learning with the exception of
(1) telling students to take inward input.
(2) manufacturing a security setting for college kids to require risks.
(3) encourage students to reflect on to ponder the subject educated.
(4) testing students as often as possible as could reasonably be expected

7.At the point when a cook tastes a sustenance amid cooking it might be similar to
(1) Assessment as learning
(2) Assessment for learning
(3) Assessment of learning
(4) Assessment and learning

8.Differentiated instruction is
(1) utilizing an alternate kind of groupings to address understudy issues
(2) achieving something other than what's expected for each understudy in the class.
(3) confused or disorderly understudy action.
(4) utilizing groups that never show signs of change.

9.In a culturally and linguistically diverse classroom, before deciding whether a student comes under special education category, a teacher should
(1) Not include parents as parents have their own work
(2) Evaluate student on her/his mother language to build up incapacity
(3) Use specialised psychologists
(4) Segregate the child to neutralise nvironmental factor

10.Learning disabilities may occur due to all of the following except
(1) Teachers way of teaching
(2) Prenatal use of alcohol
(3) Mental Retardation
(4) Meningitis during infancy

11.An inclusive school reflects on all the following questions exeept
(1) Do we believe that a students can learn
(2) Do we work in teams to plan and deliverlearning empowering condition
(3) Do we properly isolate special children from normal to provide better care
(4) Do we receive strategies catering for the diverse needs of students

12.Gifted students are
(1) Convergent thinkers
(2) Divergent thinkers
(3) Extrovert
(4) Very hard working

13.Which one of the following pair would be most appropriate choice to complete the following sentence? Children are involved in the activities that seem to be
(1) Forget; useful in a classroom
(2) Recall linked with their faster when they classwork only
(3) Memorise; culturally neutral
(4) Learn; useful in real life

14.CBSE counseled cluster activities for college kids in situ of activities for individual students. the concept behind doing therefore can be(1) to beat the negative emotional response to individual competition which can generalise across leaning
(2) to create it simple for academics to look at teams individual students. instead of
(3) to rationalise the time on the market with colleges most of that don't have enough time for individual activities.
(4) to scale back the infrastructural value of the activity

15.The conclusion ‘Children can learn violent behaviour depicted in movies' may be derived on the basis of the work done by which of the following psychologist?
(1) Edward L. Thorndike
(2) Jean Piaget
(3) Albert Bandura
(4)J.B. Watson

16.Students observe fashion shows and endeavor to imitate models. this sort of imitation could also be referred to as
(1) Primary simulation
(2) Secondary simulation
(3) Social learning
(4) Generalisation

17.If students repeatedly build mistake throughout a lesson, an educator ought to
(1) build changes in instruction, tasks, timetable or seating arrangements
(2) leave the lesson for the present and come back thereto once it slow
(3) determine the error-prone students and sit down with principal regarding them.
(4) build error-prone students stand outside the schoolroom.

18.Following ar some techniques to manage Associate in Nursingxiety because of an approaching examination; except
(1) orientating with the patterm of question paper
(2) thinking an excessive amount of regarding the result
(3) seeking support.
(4) emphasising strengths.

19. Bloom's taxonomy may be a stratified organisation of
(1) accomplishment goals
(2) info declarations
(3) reading skills
(4) psychological feature objectives

20. A, B and C are 3 students learning - English. 'A' finds it attention-grabbing and thinks it wili be useful for her in future. ‘B' studies English as she desires to secure first rank within the category. 6C, studies it as she is primarily involved to secure passing grades. The goals of A, B and C severally ar Performance
(1) Mastery, Performance,Performance dodging
(2) Mastery,Performance, Performance dodging
(3) Performance,Performance dodging,Mastery
(4) Performance dodging, Mastery,Performance

21.Even though this was clearly in violation of his safety desires, Captain Vikram Batra died fighting within the Kargl War whereas protective his country. He may need
(1) sought-after novel expertise.
(2) achieved self-actualisation.
(3) neglected his belongingness desires.
(4) ought to earn a decent name to his

22.Extinction of a response is harder following
(1) partial reinforcement
(2) continuous reinforcement
(3) penalisation
(4) verbal reproach

23.Mastery orientation may be inspired by
(1) that specialize in students' individual effort.
(2) examination students' successes with one another
(3) distribution ton of observe material as home work.
(4) taking sudden tests.

24.Which one in every of the subsequent could be a critique of theory of multiple intelligences?
(1) Varied intelligence are only the talents' gift in intelligence as a full
(2) Varied intelligence provides students to get their propensities. 
(3) It overemphasises sensible intelligence.
(4) It can't be want help by empirical proof the least bit.

25.Which one of the following pair is least likely to be a correct match?
(1) Children enter in - Chomsky the world with certain information about language
(2) Language and - Vygotsky thoughtare initially different activities two
(3) Languages Piaget contingent on
(4) Language is a - B.F. Skinner stimuli in enviomment

26. Highlights doled out because of social jobs and not because of natural blessing are called
(1) Gender role demeanors
(2) Gender role strain
(3) Gender-role generalization
(4) Gender role diagnosticity

27. Which one amongst the subsequent statements is true regarding the role of the heredity and environment?
(a) Certain aspects of development are influenced more by heredity and others more by environ-ment.
(b) A child's ability to learn and perform is completely decided by genes.
(c) Good care and a nutritious diet can fight off any disorder a child is born with.
(d) Environment plays a significant role only in the child's language development.

28. Which one of the following statements cannot be attributed to Piaget's theory?
(1) Development occurs in
(2) Children construct and use
(3) Learning takes place through
(4) Children act on their

29. Which one of the following is not subjective stages. knowledge about their world. constant practice environment. a limitation of the preoperational thought?
(1) Tendency to concentrate
(2) Development of the symbolic thought
(3) Egocentrism
(4) Irreversibility