General Awareness 2020 | General Awareness for SSC,Bank and Railway Exams 2020

General Awareness and GK Questions for SSC,Bank and Railway Exams 2020

General Awareness and GK Questions for SSC,Bank and Railway Exams 2019

 General Awareness 2020 | GK Questions 2020

1. Marketing Support and Service Scheme's (in the Eleventh Plan) Supports artisans related to
b)Leather good

2. Himalaya has emerged from which of the geosyncline ?
a) Tethys
b) Shiwalik
c) Indo-brahma
d) Godavari

3. Trans-himalaya rivers are
a) Sutlej,Indus,Ganga
b) Brahmaputra,Indus,Ganga
c) Brahmaputra,Sutlej, Ganga

4) Buddha was born in
a) Vaishali
b) Lumbini
c) Katliputra
d) Kapilavastu

5. V.G.Jog is famous for which musical instrument?
a) Sitar
b) Violin
c) Tabla
d) Santoor

6. Which is the official language of Nepal
a) Bhojpuri
b) That
c) Hindi
d) Nepali

7. Isotopes of an element have
a) Same physical properties
b) Different chemical properties
c) Different number of neutrons
d) Different atomic number

8. Bacteria,blue-green algae or cyanobacteria and Mycoplasma are examples of organisms of which kingdom?
a) Plantar
b) Monera
c) Protists
d) Animal is

9. In November 2017,who launched the 'Deen Days SPARSH Yojana' for school children?
a) Jayant Sinha
a) Prakash Javadekar
b) Manoj Sinha
c) Arun Jaitley

10. Any body kept in a fluid experiences an upward force called
a) torque
b) movement
c) pressure
d) upthrust

11. Where is bile produced in humans?
a) Stomach
b) Pancreas
c) Liver
d) Gallbladder

12. Which of the following diseases is caused by fungi ?
a) Tonsillitis
b) Gallstones
c) Heart attack
d) Ringworm

13. The original document of the Constitution of India was handwriting by
a) Dr.B.R.Ambedkar
b) Sarojini Naidu
c) Prem Behari Narain Raizada
d) Dr.Rajendra Prasad

14. How many trans-border trains operate between in India and Pakistan?
a) 4
b) 1
c) 2
d) 3

15. The river Godavari originates in the state of
a) Madhya Pradesh
b) Chhattisgarh
c) Maharashtra
d) Odisha

16.Which of the following is the largest freshwater lake in India? 
a) Dal Lake
b) Loktak
c) Chilika
d) Wular

17. The Right to Education (RTE) Act was enacted by the Parliament of India in the year
a) 2006
b) 2007
c) 2008
d) 2009

18. Who has written as English book"Unleashing India" which outlines how India can become a superpower in 25 to 30 years ?
a) Veerappa Moily
b) SM Krishna
c) Shashi Tharoor
d) Manohar Parrikar

19. The ancient mathematics book Ganita- Sara-Sangraha was authored by
a) Bhaskaracharya
b) Mahaviracharya
c) Aryabhatt
d) Brahmaputra

20. Which company was recently implicated in a global data theft crime
a) Amazon
b) Google
c) Cisco
d) Cambridge Analytica

21. In December 2017 the 15th Russia India-Chaina Trilateral Foreign Ministers Meeting was held in
a) Shanghai
b) Beijing
c) Moscow
d) New Delhi

22. The Name Pakistan was first coined by
a) Mohammed Iqbal
b) Mohammed Ali Jinnah
c) Chowdhary Rahmat Ali
d) Maulana Azad

23. Rabindranath Tagore renounced his knighthood in protest of the
a) Cabinet Mission
b) Jallianwala Bagh massacre
c) Rowlatt Act
d) Simon Commission

1. a) Handicrafts
2. a) Tethys 
3. b) Brahmaputra,Indus,Ganga
4. b) Lumbini
5. b) Violin 
6. d) Nepali
7. c) Different number of neutrons 
8. b) Monera
9. b) Manoj Sinha
10. d) upthrust
11. d) Gallbladder
12. d) Ringworm
13. c) Prem Behari Narain Raizada
14. c) 2
15. c) Maharashtra
16. d) Wular
17. d) 2009
18. a) Veerappa Moily
19. b) Mahaviracharya
20. d) Cambridge Analytica
21. d) New Delhi
22. c) Chowdhary Rahmat Ali
23. b) Jallianwala Bagh massacre

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